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of uninsured Americans skipped necessary dental visits


of workers in the US have access to employer-offered dental plans


of people know very little about gum disease

Affordable Dental Care for Every Budget

Whether you are responsible for taking care of your family or need dental treatment for yourself, turn to Dr. Andrew Kim for affordable dental care and complimentary services (see special offers) you will not find anywhere else. For your convenience, we accept some dental insurance plans and offer interest-free financing to help you manage out-of-pocket costs. Our goal is to make appropriate dental care accessible to all patients.

Affilications - Dr. Andrew Kim | AAA Dental -  - [Doctor Name] - [Treatment 1] - [Treatment 2] - Stamford, CT
Affilications - Dr. Andrew Kim | AAA Dental -  - [Doctor Name] - [Treatment 1] - [Treatment 2] - Stamford, CT
Affilications - Dr. Andrew Kim | AAA Dental -  - [Doctor Name] - [Treatment 1] - [Treatment 2] - Stamford, CT
Affilications - Dr. Andrew Kim | AAA Dental -  - [Doctor Name] - [Treatment 1] - [Treatment 2] - Stamford, CT

Initial Exam Consultation

We want all patients in the Stamford, CT area to have the opportunity to meet with Dr. Kim and learn about the state of their oral health. The initial examination is comprehensive, and the consultation includes a set of very low dose digital x-rays. Our goal is to educate patients about our services and prepare a custom treatment plan that helps them achieve optimal oral health in the shortest amount of time possible.

Effective Sedation for Dental Anxiety- Stamford, CT

If you experience dental anxiety or have a hard time relaxing in the dental chair, talk to us about sedation dentistry options. We offer nitrous oxide sedation as a service to our patients, a simple and effective way to induce relaxation before and during a procedure. This in itself can save you money on the total cost of treatment while making your visits that much more manageable.


Our Insurance Policy

We do work with select dental insurance plans, so please bring your insurance cards to your consultation. Our friendly staff in Stamford, CT can review your benefits with you, and we will provide a cost estimate of services based on your policy after your first visit. We do everything we can to help you maximize insurance benefits so that you can minimize your out-of-pocket costs.


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To schedule your consultation and exam with Dr. Andrew Kim, or to learn more about affordable dental care in Stamford, CT, call our office today. Contact our staff and we'll be sure to follow up with you within 24 hours.

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