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Teens and adults agree: having straighter teeth is one of their most important short-term goals. With ClearCorrect™, you can enjoy the process without requiring traditional metal braces. Talk to us today at our Stamford, CT, dental practice about the revolutionary ClearCorrect™ solution.
Affiliations - Dr. Andrew Kim | AAA Dental -  - [Doctor Name] - [Treatment 1] - [Treatment 2] - Stamford, CT
Affiliations - Dr. Andrew Kim | AAA Dental -  - [Doctor Name] - [Treatment 1] - [Treatment 2] - Stamford, CT
Affiliations - Dr. Andrew Kim | AAA Dental -  - [Doctor Name] - [Treatment 1] - [Treatment 2] - Stamford, CT
Affiliations - Dr. Andrew Kim | AAA Dental -  - [Doctor Name] - [Treatment 1] - [Treatment 2] - Stamford, CT

Clear Aligners Offer Many Advantages – Stamford, CT

Most of us are familiar with old-fashioned braces that work using metal, ceramic or plastic brackets. The brackets are mounted onto the front of the teeth, and wires are used to foster tooth movement. While this process works, it has several drawbacks. One of the biggest is that it is difficult to properly care for the teeth during treatment, which can lead to decay and enamel erosion. Another issue is that bracketed braces may not be suitable for adults working in a professional setting.

ClearCorrect™ Process

The alternative to brackets are ClearCorrect™ clear braces. The ClearCorrect™ system uses a series of clear, plastic aligners to systematically and gently move your teeth into a straighter position. Dr. Andrew Kim uses computer technology to create images of what your teeth look like today. From that point, the ClearCorrect™ software can establish a series of aligners that will be custom-created just for you.

About every two weeks, you will replace your current clear aligner with the next one in the series. Eventually, you will come to the end of your aligners, and your teeth will be in proper position. After your ClearCorrect™ treatment is finished, you will need to wear a nighttime retainer to keep your teeth from moving again.

ClearCorrect Process

Adults Can Finally Feel Good About Getting Straight Smiles

Many adults in the working world would love to have straighter smiles, but worry about getting braces with brackets because of their appearance. ClearCorrect™ removes this concern by offering a discreet alternative. If you have put off straightening your teeth because you thought it meant a mouth full of metal, brackets and wires, think again. Talk to us in Stamford, CT, about ClearCorrect™.

ClearCorrect Process

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