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Americans missing all teeth in at least one jaw


Americans getting implants per year


Implant success rate

Dental Implant Restoration Services

Patients with missing teeth can turn to AAA Dental Care for dental implant restoration services. Dr. Andrew Kim works closely with a board-certified oral surgeon to place dental implant posts, which he then finishes with a beautiful, natural-looking tooth restoration. We will cap the dental implant with a custom crown to create a lifelike tooth structure.

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Our Laser Implant Dentistry Technique

Dr. Kim uses the BIOLASE® dental laser to perform the dental implant restoration procedure with a high degree of precision. This laser helps us selectively treat certain parts of the mouth and does not damage the surface of the dental implant. The BIOLASE® laser allows us to perform minimally invasive procedures, which means less downtime and a higher comfort level for our patients.

Affiliations - Dr. Andrew Kim | AAA Dental -  - [Doctor Name] - [Treatment 1] - [Treatment 2] - Stamford, CT
Affiliations - Dr. Andrew Kim | AAA Dental -  - [Doctor Name] - [Treatment 1] - [Treatment 2] - Stamford, CT
Affiliations - Dr. Andrew Kim | AAA Dental -  - [Doctor Name] - [Treatment 1] - [Treatment 2] - Stamford, CT
Affiliations - Dr. Andrew Kim | AAA Dental -  - [Doctor Name] - [Treatment 1] - [Treatment 2] - Stamford, CT

Benefits of Dental Implants – Stamford, CT

Replacing your teeth with dental implants offers numerous benefits. This tooth replacement method not only looks and feels natural, but is also designed to last a lifetime. Key benefits include:

  • Preserves jaw bone tissue
  • Improves the appearance of your smile
  • Can make you appear younger
  • Stimulates bone growth just like natural teeth
  • Helps maintain integrity of the facial structure
  • Permanent tooth replacement solution
Implant Supported Denture

About Implant Supported Dentures

If you have enough bone available to support a series of dental implants, Dr. Kim may recommend implant supported dentures to restore your smile. Many patients in Stamford, CT with traditional dentures transition to implant supported dentures to stabilize their appliances and eliminate shifting or looseness. Once the oral surgeon has placed the dental implants within the jaw bone and proper healing has occurred, Dr. Kim will attach a new set of dentures to these implant posts with either a bar-retained or ball-retained mechanism. In some cases, we will perform a bone graft and rebuild bone tissue to accommodate for the implants.

Need to Discuss Your Options?

Learn more about the benefits of replacing missing teeth with dental implants by scheduling your appointment with Dr. Andrew Kim today. Contact our staff and we'll be sure to follow up with you within 24 hours.

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