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Experienced Dentist for Tooth Extractions

Our general dentist in Stamford, CT will perform tooth extractions in-house using the latest techniques. We also provide laser dentistry and dental implant restoration procedures to restore your smile. Whether you have decaying or damaged teeth that need to be removed, turn to AAA Dental Care for a relatively painless and stress-free tooth extraction procedure.

Affiliations - Dr. Andrew Kim | AAA Dental -  - [Doctor Name] - [Treatment 1] - [Treatment 2] - Stamford, CT
Affiliations - Dr. Andrew Kim | AAA Dental -  - [Doctor Name] - [Treatment 1] - [Treatment 2] - Stamford, CT
Affiliations - Dr. Andrew Kim | AAA Dental -  - [Doctor Name] - [Treatment 1] - [Treatment 2] - Stamford, CT
Affiliations - Dr. Andrew Kim | AAA Dental -  - [Doctor Name] - [Treatment 1] - [Treatment 2] - Stamford, CT

Pain-Free Tooth Extractions and Fast Recovery Times – Stamford, CT

If Dr. Andrew Kim decides a tooth extraction is necessary, you can undergo a relatively painless procedure to improve your oral health. We offer nitrous oxide to all patients, and you can be in and out of our office without any side effects of sedation. Our doctor will use either a simple or surgical technique to gently remove the tooth from the socket. We will provide detailed post-operative instructions to help the gums heal quickly after the procedure.

Emergency Tooth Extractions

There are several situations where you may need to turn to us for a tooth extraction in an emergency. These include:

  • Signs of infection spreading rapidly
  • Chronic toothache or tooth pain
  • Loose or shifting teeth
  • Severely cracked or damaged teeth
  • Bite problems

Tooth Extractions for Children

We can perform a tooth extraction on patients who are at least six years of age or older. Our friendly team has experience working with patients of all ages and understands how stressful dental visits can be on children and teens. We realize that having a tooth removed can be slightly traumatic for younger patients, which is why we take the time to make the experience as relaxing and comfortable as possible.

Diana’s Experience

Diana hadn’t gone to the dentist in a while, but after her family referred her to AAA Dental, she found that it was an amazing experience.

Whether you’re looking to replace missing teeth with dental implants or just want to get a brighter smile, Dr. Andrew Kim will ensure you receive the personalized treatment that is best suited to fit your dental needs!

Need to Discuss Your Options?

If you need to make an appointment for a tooth extraction or other dental emergency, call AAA Dental Care today! We will book the next available appointment with our general dentist in Stamford, CT so you can get the treatment you need, fast. Contact our staff and we'll be sure to follow up with you within 24 hours.

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