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New Year’s resolutions are common for most Americans, and for the 35 million plus that have missing teeth, one way to reach those goals is to invest in dental implants. When teeth are missing, broken, or decayed, it’s hard to feel good about yourself and the way you look. A healthier, brighter smile can give you the confidence you need in 2018.

A Long-Term Solution

Implants are built to last a lifetime. They are extremely durable, and the best part is that you treat them exactly as your natural teeth. There is no special care required other than regular flossing, brushing, and seeing a dentist. Dental implants are just as strong as your natural teeth, so you will not need to avoid your favorite foods.

Keep Your Natural Look

When the root of a tooth is missing, there is nothing to stimulate the jaw bone to regenerate. Over time the jaw bone can deteriorate and change the shape of your face. While dentures are a viable option to replace missing teeth, they do nothing to maintain your jaw bone. Implants are placed in the jaw bone and the bone heals around the post. Over time, the post causes the bone to regenerate and the implant does exactly what your natural teeth do for retaining the shape of your face.

Better Comfort and Convenience

Dentures can slip while you are talking and eating, but implants are a permanent part of your mouth and don’t move once they are placed. There are no limits on what you can eat or do when you have implants to replace missing teeth.

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