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Thanksgiving is a time to spend with loved ones and enjoy delicious food. However, no matter how good the food is, it can be disrupted when your jaw is continuously clicking or causing pain. It is possible you are experiencing temporomandibular joint disorder, referred to as TMJ.

Symptoms of TMJ

One of the most common symptoms of a jaw disorder is discomfort while eating. This pain is often accompanied by clicking noises any time the jaw moves. Movement may be hindered to an extent, and it can be tough for sufferers to chew certain items, such as hard pieces of food. Additional symptoms of TMJ include:

  • Locking of the jaw
  • Pain throughout the person’s face or shoulders
  • Aching around the ears
  • Jaw tenderness

TMJ can develop from jaw injuries or severe arthritis. It requires immediate treatment before the pain escalates.

Treatments for the Disorder

Dr. Kim offers a number of treatments to patients seeking relief. Our dentist may recommend going through physical therapy, which will require you to conduct various relaxation exercises to soothe the jaw. Part of your physical therapy may require you to wear a mouth guard at night. The purpose of this guard is to reduce the damage caused by teeth grinding, which can exacerbate problems caused by jaw disorders.

Dr. Kim also offers jaw replacement surgery. However, this treatment is reserved for extreme cases and is saved as a last resort. For this surgery, a professional replaces the joints located at the base of the skull and the lower jaw with prosthetic joints. These replacement joints are custom-made to fit perfectly within the patient’s jaw.

See Dr. Kim Before Thanksgiving Dinner

Surgery is not required in most cases; however, it is important to see a dentist when symptoms arise. Contact Dr. Kim’s office in Stamford, CT to see your options and get the treatment you need.

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